Heart 4 Charity

Every year, we organize several fundraising rides to collect money for charity projects. With this money we have so far protected 47.940 children from Polio (infantile paralysis) with a vaccination and we have donated 54 bicycles to World Bicycle Relief.

May Event – your longest ride counts for World Bicycle Relief (WBR)

Cycle a very long 1-day-tour alone or with friends between may 1st and may 31st. Please collect donations for World Bicycle Relief (WBR) by distributing our World Bicycle Relief Campaign to your friends and colleagues. Our targetis to donate 21 bikes to World Bicycle Relief (WBR). The winner of the competition for the longest tour wins a 3D-printed Roadbike, made of tasty chocolate, from our partner chocolatehoch3. All Strava-members (free of charge: www.strava.com) please join our Strava-Club “Radeln mit Herz – Heart 4 Charity” and join the Strava-Challenge “Gran Fondo May”, then you can see your ranking of your longest tour. If you are not on Strava, please Email your longest GPS Track to radelnmitherz@gmx.de. All participants please donate at least 10 Euro / Pounds / Dollar to our World Bicycle Relief Campaign.

July Event – Every km cycled protects a child against infantile paralysis

The main event is held on the first Sunday of July. If this date does not suit you, please do your own tour between Saturday, 26th of June 2021 and Sunday, 4th of July 2021.

Participating is easy! Every km you cycle will be counted – irrespective of the route you take. You can either cycle on your own and contribute to a greater good. Or even better: You organize a group of family, friends or colleagues and join together to cycle as many km as possible. After cycling, please donate 20 Cent per person and km via our PayPal account and send us an email to radelnmitherz@gmx.de, or upload km here, stating the name of your team, the number of people in your group and the total km achieved.

Everyone can participate, there are no fees! “Heart 4 Charity” is organized by the Rotary Club München-Residenz together with a lot of supporters. We work completely pro bono, so every cent you donate goes 100% to the charitable projects. We need your contribution to achieve our goal: to protect one child against Polio for each km cycled.

Please take all necessary precautions to protect yourself from Corona. Please use the following link to register, so we know you are participating and can keep you informed about the event and its results! Thank you!

Commitment 2021

It is a real privilege to be able to cycle a lot this year. At the same time we will probably spend less for holidays or amusement this year. We want to use the money saved to help others: Join our “Commitment 2021” and donate for each mile you cycle to World Bicycle Relief. Add your own Commitment 2021 and collect further donations. If you are a Strava member, please also join our Strava-Club Commitment 2021.